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The waiter was beyond slow. He served drinks, salad and bread sticks to another table, that was seated after us, before us. Got our order wrong and when my wife asked him if he wanted our (The OUR is important) soup order he told us that we ordered something totally different. I said no, we ordered soup and salad. He took my soup order than started to walk off, ignoring my wife's soup order, and my wife. She asked if he wanted her soup order, and he was just rude. My wife then went off on him.

We constantly have poor service at this Fort Wayne Olive Garden. My mom and wife went there for lunch not to long ago and the services was super bad then too. About a year ago, the last time my wife and I went to the OG, our waiter just abandoned us after bringing out our soup and salad. No refills on salad, bread sticks, drinks, or soup. (Hence the year ban.) That made for a very expensive bowl of soup and salad. (Salads are tiny now!) We banned them for a year. We go back a year later and the service is just as bad. Now we will NEVER go back.

America! Wake up. It is time to start to standup against such behavior and teach these companies that they can't keep treating us, our data, and our privacy casually. THE ONLY WAY THIS CAN HAPPEN IS TO HIT THEM LONG THERM WHERE IT HURTS. THE POCKET BOOK. No more going back to a company a few weeks after a bad experience. No more shopping at the Targets of the world who ignored warning signs and calls that data was leaving their network. We must stand strong and united against these companies to teach them a lesson. Target had cyber insurance which means it cost them almost nothing for this incident. Sales are back to where they were before the incident. WHY? Do you think so little of yourself that you let them get away with it?

NO MORE I SAY! It is time to take a stand and there is no better time then now to start.

Review about: Olive Garden Waiter.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I hate people who complain about the size of the salad, wake up dummy, UNLIMITED refills. They are portioned per person. But you can get as much as your greedy behind can eat....


What exactly does Target have to do with Olive Garden? You need to go buy some more tinfoil.


Your wife is obviously a child and you need to be arrested for having a relationship with a child. Then again perhaps you are not the perv I think you to be because you seem to be a child as well.

What does it matter if salads are very small they are unlimited, if they were larger you would be complaining they are giving big servings of salad just so they can give less food and charge the same.


You had a bad restaurant experience, so now America needs to stand up because of it? Do you have any idea how ridiculous that sounds?


You get um bigshot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You might get off your AS@!SS and fix your own meal CAPTAIN AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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