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I started working for Olive Garden three weeks ago and just stopped today. My experience has been horrible...

When your training during the first week you serve co-workers to learn how to serve and I got attacked by trainers telling me how I was doing everything wrong. There was positive praise for about 5 seconds but if you messed up you would be lectured. I got yelled at for not putting tabasco sauce on my tray for a different table. They are nazi's about how they serve and they are always breathing down your back to see that you do it "right".

Also I never got my breaks I worked 13 hours the one day and only got one half hour break and they told me to hurry up with it. Then I couldnt make a shift one day and got coverage but she failed to show up. It was my daughters 2nd birthday. They knew about it since I was hired.

They didnt care. They wrote me up and threatened me that I better get to the restaurant now or else. It's no wonder they don't allow cameras or cell phones in the restaurant. Everyone is so stressed at the restaurant all they do is fight and argue.

The fights get so bad managers have to break them up and tell them to shut up because the guest can hear them. It's a place for immature young kids to work.

Not grown adults. No one acts like adults there.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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