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On Friday September 19th, I went to the Olive Garden in the Flatiron section of Manhattan. The waiter came to take our drink order which consisted of 2 diet cokes and 3 waters.

He arrived at the table with all 5 drinks on one small tray and as he took the diet cokes off of the tray, the 3 glasses of water spilled all over me and my phone which I had sitting on the table checking emails. To say I was completely wet would be an understatement. My entire shirt and the right side of my jeans was soaked. After a few People came over to clean up the mess, the manager comes by and offers a free dessert as some sort of consolation.

I was on my lunch break and I work in an office so going back to work in wet clothes wasn't quite what I was looking forward to. After letting the manager know she could keep the dessert, she offered $5 off of the meal. A day later I started experiencing issues with my iPhone, 2 days after, my phone was not working properly. Calls were dropping, I could not use my earbuds devalues the phone would jump from Siri to music playing when I didn't turn music on, the phone freezes or cuts off.

I take it to a store to only find out that it has water damage and the deductible is $175. I have since gone back to Olive Garden to speak to the manager which they claim is never in, so now this is my last resort. Since there was no issues with my iPhone prior to my visit to OG, I should not be responsible for the deductible.

There needs to be some action taken on the part of Olive Garden. Clumsy waiter caused this issue & it needs to be resolved!!

Review about: Olive Garden Waiter.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $175.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I love it, when the iPhone breaks, and you are a dummy for buying it in the first place!


I understand your frustration, but have to ask: Why did you not move your expensive phone when you saw that your server (a human being subject to normal human error) was coming over carrying a tray full of drinks for your table? I assume you were perceptive enough to realize that said server would be attempting to set those drinks down on the table.

Though maybe you were too engaged checking your email to realize that your server was approaching. Also, this server is probably not as "clumsy" as you assume. Out of the hundreds of tables he deals with on a monthly basis, he's bound to spill something at some point. He regularly balances carrying trays that may weigh up to forty pounds loaded with hot food, plates, and beverages.

But I'm sure you're the antithesis of clumsy and could manage without spilling a single thing...

Restaurants are full of accidents waiting to happen. Your local Olive Garden is not an office space.

Keep your expensive electronic gadgets off the table and pay attention.


I don't know if the waiter is at fault or not. I certainly, in my server days, spilled trays of drinks on customers a couple times, and luckily for me, they did not have phones out.

This should be easy to prove if you have the proof from the cell company. If the manager is never in, demand to know when she will be in. Explain that you are not letting this go.

Send a certified letter if necessary. Contact OG Corporate.

Auburn, Massachusetts, United States #877488

ok if you believe that then why are you posting on here and not complaining directly to Olive Garden corporate offices? the likelihood of anyone with ANYTHING to do whatsoever with OG reading your complaint are about as likely as a dog not being able to lick his own a$$. stop complaining and admit you spilled it yourself.

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