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My girlfriend and I decided to go out to Olive Garden. Well there they had with the entree all you can eat bread sticks.

Well both of us got an order with that came with the unlimited bread sticks. The waitress bought only five bread sticks. I called dibs on the extra one since five is an odd number. My girlfriend suggested we break it in half, but I took it first and spit on it so that she would not have wanted it.

She then got upset said that was disgusting and asked for her food to go home and left the table. I complained to the waitress about how we got into an argument because we were given an odd number of bread sticks, only then was I informed that the bread sticks were unlimited. Had I known this earlier I would have not acted this way. However when there are two people they should not give an odd number of bread sticks.

How hard is it to divide by two in the first place.

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Naples, Maine, United States #1212351

1 breadstick per guest, plus 1 extra for the first basket. After that, 1 breadstick per guest.

This review is reduculous, anyway. Who the *** fights over breadsticks? Especially when you get unlimited soup or salad, and a meal?

How much food can people eat, anyway? Gross.


Troll. A table of 2 people would only get 3 breadsticks.

They always given an uneven number...

If you are going to write a fake complaint here, at least TRY to be witty and amusing! Loser!

to Anonymous #1140955

It all depends on the location, sometimes I got four bread sticks, sometimes five, sometimes three like you said. But yeah, I hope this guy is trolling, then again perhaps not, after all he is from New York.

to Anonymous #1140977

You are wrong buddy, not that it matters, I still think this is a fake review, but when my wife and I go to Olive Garden they usually give five bread sticks. Probably three in your location?

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