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COMPLAINT: Olive Garden Restaurant, 275 Route 22 East, Springfield, NJ 07081-3563, and the Manager.

Olive Garden is one of my favorite restaurant and until that day 09/05/2014 there had been no complaint of any kind, but for me, it was a disappointment, anger, by the abuse of this restaurant in Springfiel, NJ, 07081-3563, ( 275 Route 22 East), and the little courtesy of Manager with whom you speak, and without paying attention to my complaint.-

I made my order for lunch in the restaurant (i had to wait a lot), when the order came from Seafood Alfredo, I could not believe the minimal amount that food served, (it seems that he had been finished the home made spaghettis, and all the ingredients and very little that served me was what it was). I went with hunger to eat in the restaurant and i was left with the same hunger; to complain about the minimal amount that served me, I will call the manager, and the only thing that he told me that this was the amount that they served, and I told him that this would be in that specific restaurant, because I had eaten the same in another Olive Garden Restaurant and not served this minimal amount of food.-

I got out of that restaurant very angry, and what i should do (that i did not do so), was that i should have returned the order, because I paid my money for nothing, because i left hungry and unsatisfied.-

Product or Service Mentioned: Olive Garden Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Omg , so disappointed with this place, my bf and i wait 15 min on the table and nobody take care of us, when they finally see us , they bring the sala and we wait 15 more minutes without fords , the wait for everything is to much, no manager around. We will never come back to this location againg.


I don't think you went home hungry, I think you just wanted a free meal, otherwise like they said you would have sent the food back. GET A JOB.

Oh wait judging from your grammar you are five years old and too young for a job.

Stop lying even if you got little food you got something so don't go around lying and saying you got nothing. Next time have mommy ask for an adult portion, they probably thought you wanted the children's meal since you are five years old.


Maybe you got the dinner portion last time, and the this time the lunch portion, 5 shrimp and 5 scallop difference...

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