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The company I work for has a tradition of a lunch every December that is paid for by the company. Every year we choose a different restaurant.

This year it was the Olive Garden. I made the reservation a week prior to the lunch and I confirmed the reservation 3 days before the lunch. When we arrived we were told we had to wait 15 to 20 minutes. I thought that was ridiculous because when you make a reservation you shouldn't have to wait for a table.

I demanded to speak to the manager and it took them 5 to 10 minutes to find him. When the manager arrived he was very inconsiderate of our inconvenience. I asked him "Why do we have to wait if I made a reservation, it defeats the purpose of making a reservation?" He said "We are waiting for the last two people at your table to finish and then we can seat you." So I asked him "Why would you seat two people at a nine person table." He said they were going to push the two tables together and make one big table. I told him this was very unprofessional because we had a reservation and our table should have been held for us regardless.

We were finally seated 30 minutes later. Not to mention the fact that we didn't even receive a break on the bill and we were also late getting back to work because we had to wait so long. The company I work for has been in business for the last 32 years and we deal with customer service on a daily basis.

And as long as I have been there I have learned that if your company makes a mistake it's your responsibility to correct it if you want to continue business. After all it is the customer that is keeping your business going.

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Loser go wait tables. can tell by ur name u r a freeloader.


:x latisha........NO MAMES!!


Latisha you are a ***. If you actually work in customer service, you would know that employees are more likely to help a person that is not a whining and complaining ***.

So what you had to wait, everything will not always work out perfectly, especially when you start treating everyone like ***. :grin


Latisha... You are in fact an I-D-I-O-T.

If there are 9 people waiting to be sat... You're going to wait a few minutes regardless. Also, who cares if they didn't take care anything on the bill...

YOU DIDN'T PAY. Your stupidity astounds me.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #187114

You all need to shut up. I don't care if it is the Holidays.

They should not have had to make me wait. Also the idiots whom I work with told me I should have made the reservations for two hours instead of for one hour and they blamed me for not setting the reservations correctly.


This is how Olive Garden works...

It's unfair to the servers to hold their whole section and not seat them for a party.

That is, MOST of the time the party is 15-30 minutes late.

Servers are only allowed to take a 3 table section & have to LIVE off of the money they make. It's unfair to them to get screwed if you only had to wait 30 lousy minutes.


Why out of all places would your company even WANT to have a holiday luncheon at Olive Garden. Ick.


Calm down. its the holidays.

maybe they were just busy.

and if your whole business goes on that luncheon, then aren't you all late to get back? so why does it matter???


I kinda think you were being a ***. Calm down, it's the holidays.

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