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My wife and I , seniors in or late 70's or older, was carded after ordering a glass of wine. They wanted to see the wife's photo ID.

We had been going to this Olive Garden for 14 years and this was a first for us. We often had a glass of wine with dinner. We refused and asked for the Manager. She came by and said it was a new policy to handle a problem with underage clients.

She refused to serve the wine, or make a decision based on an obvious situation.

WE could not accept and left the restaurant and had a glass of wine with our dinner at an adjacent restaurant without being carded. Andy policy that ignores common sense is a stupid policy and illustrates poor management

Product or Service Mentioned: Olive Garden Customer Care.

Reason of review: Stupid policy.

Preferred solution: apolgize and change policy.

I didn't like: Stupid policy.

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Hey I’ve seen under aged children do a lot to get wasted. I have personally seen kids literally age themselves with stage make up to try and buy booze.

Getting carded at 70+ may be a reminder that you are FAR from 21, but it’s the job because it’s the law and more then likely a new company policy to protect themselves from frivolous lawsuits. See parents don’t believe thier children do these things and take it personally. Having worked in a corner gas station I have been personally attacked by parents who’s children ran in and did a beer run. One guy put a gun in my face and told me if I ever sold alcohol to his kid again he would make me have a closed casket funeral.

His tune changed quite quickly when the police officer in the store arrested him. I showed the police the footage of his kid trying to run out with 4 sixteen packs of beer. They arrested them both, the kid was in the car. So before you get all upset understand that when people want to get messed up they will go to a lot of trouble to do so.

Asking for IDis to protect all parties involved. Be it 17 or 70 it’s just your ID and not say a colon screening.


A seventy year old does not look like a minor in no way shape or form and for the server to be ignorant enough to ask - well Olive Garden deserves to lose business over it.


They are trying to follow law. At 70+ you should be old enough to know when it's time to just comply and not kick up a fuss.

What would you have lost? Two minutes?


That is really ignorant. You only find such ridiculousness in the U.S.

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