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Yes, my name is Lynda Jackson.And first of all I want you to know that Olive Garden is my most favorite restaurant..

My husband and I eat there at least three times out of the month. We've always had the best of experiences and the staff are so very friendly and helpful. But today the 7/02/ 2015 was one of the worst experiences that we ever had. We always dine at the one in Pooler 4472.

The waitress name was Shannon and we started out with appetizers, which we wanted stuffed mushrooms, which she said they don't have, chicken fingers, and asperagus. She brought back some asperagus that look like it was very over cooked. We sent them back. We waited for the rest of the appetizers, but never got them.

So we asked her what happen to the chicken fingers and she said we didn't order that. So we let that go. And you can tell that she really didn't care. And another waitress came to our table to see if she could help because she could see we weren't very happy.

We told her what we had ordered and Shannon said they had no stuffed mushrooms, but this other waitress said that they did. So she went to put the order back in for us. Now here comes Shannon with our antrees and we haven't even got the appetizers yet. So my husband told her to take it back because we haven't gotten appetizers yet.

So she rushed off so fast that she almost stumbled and fell. So now 10 minutes later, I guess he was the manager came to our table and ask if he could help. Not much help he was because he acted as though he didn't care either. We really did not appreciate being treated like this, when we eat here so often.

No apology from the waitress or the so called manager.Not saying we want ever eat at Olive Garden ever again, just not that one anymore.

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