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My husband and I live in Port Orchard, Washington we decided to go to Olive Garden for a delicious meal, we ordered our meal over the phone looking at the menu from online. My husband ordered a pork meal and I ordered a shrimp pasta meal we went all the way out to Silverdale to pick up our meal when we got back home and took the meal out to eat with the first *** of my food it was utterly disgusting I had never had anything so awful I couldn't even take another bit, my husbands food was very cold and his ravioli was bland and disgusting also.

We put all the food back into the bag along with the salad and bread sticks we didn't eat anything that night because of this we then had to wait till the next day to take the food back when my husband got off of work, we drove all the way back to silverdale with the bag of food I told the manager that I am disappointed due to the fact that not only did we not get to eat last night but now I have to waste more gas to bring this back so he replaced my husbands meal and gave me something new. Now I am sending this complaint because I think we should be compensated for this we was not offered anything for all of this inconvenice which I was very surprised by our meal costed almost $50 dollars, that's not cheap in today's time we should have been offered a complimentary gift certificate for a meal of the same price nope nothing it didn't matter that we couldn't eat that night or that we had to drive back the next night for no one to do anything but replace the awful meal. So I am sending you this complaint in hopes of your company making this awful two nights of dealing with your company right I have no problem going to BBB and any place else to get my point across. We would appreciate it greatly if you could rectify this situation.

We will be waiting for your response.

We're sure that you will have no problem making this right. Sincerely The Park Family

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Okay. First off, "Park" that is not mature at all for a complaining customer.

When fact is you did not handle the situation as you should have. Advice? You should have checked your order before you left. You may not think it's your responsibility, but it is if you want it done right and a nice habit to have.

No one is a mind reader. If the food was bad, you should have called right away and not the next day. That was not smart on your part. The manager got involved, as they should have, and they did as they should have.

It is always going to be 50% on you and the staff.

to Mimi Port Orchard, Washington, United States #706390

I didn't know that after all this time people was still commenting on my pissed off comment, but I see that people still is well I guess I didn't specify the fact that I did call them the same night and even if I didn't that has nothing to do with being smart more or less as being forgetful due to the fact that I have a very busy life running two companies an all, but like I said I should have put the fact that I did call them right away in my story yet another example of being forgetful. What I said is that we took the food back the next day not that I called the next day but I suppose not putting that in my story wasn't the smart thing to do either, huh.

I guess your right if I would have checked the food then I would have known not to even take it home so yeah that is on me, and mature what part isn't mature for me to do call, complain or want compensation does that really have to do what maturity or does it have to do with if I spend my money on something that I expect is right then why shouldn't I get it right. You know your advice could have been phrased better than that because mature I am and I am extremely smart, but I guess you go through life perfect right, you get everything right, right.

Oh why couldn't I be more like you cause then I would have gotten my food right the first time. The only thing I will say that your comment was right about is me checking my food which I will surely do the next time and any time after so thank you for that piece of advice, but as far as the rest of your smart comments you can keep those to yourself.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #638763

You chose not to eat the night before. That didn't even show good judgement, if it actually true.

You could have fixed something at home. I wondered how the food would be at the time that you made the comment you drove all the way to Silverdale. Actually you wasted the gas if you chose to drive more than 5-10 miles for food. You say they replaced your husband's meal, and gave you something else.

What more do you expect, wasn't replacement food enough? But no, you wanted a gift certificate for another free meal of equal value.

to anonymous Belfair, Washington, United States #682691

First off I was ready to let you have it but the fact of the matter is that you sound ridicolous here complaining about my complaint and I felt a slightly upset, but now I am just laughing at you because you are a total lame joke really, really is this the only thing you have to do is reply to pissed off consumers and tell them where they can go eat or how far they can go to get a meal or yeah I should have cooked right or I have no right to expect something more for the inconvenice that I was put through, the more and more I read your comment the more and more I laughed then the more and more I felt sorry for you because your life must be so lonely and sad for you to be on a consumer pissed off site telling people how they should eat or what they should expect from a bad meal or what they should do right, wait aren't you right. Nope your not you're just a lonely anonymous person hiding behind that title to tell people how you feel about them being pissed off.


to Park #778463

I agree with your complaint lady and do not do not think you are ridiculous in anyway. I just had a bad experience with Olive Garden waitress, but the manager in my case took care of the situation.

Mind you, the *** giving you heat is most likely a liberal/global warming *** being in the Seattle area. I feel sorry for anyone who has to live around those who depend on the government to provide and want government to tell them how to wipe their ***.

Keep up your hard work in running two companies since their are more people on the wagon and less pushing all the time as the liberal and socialism is taking over our individual freedom. Tom

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