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I have been fired from the American Fork Utah Olive Garden. I started almost about a month ago and not to long after I started Tom Campos the General Manager started verbally abusing me when he was alone with me.

From the start he told me that Josh the person who hired me didn't want to hire me and he said I begged him to hire me. I did not say that to him I don't even know Josh personally so why would I say to him. And Tom told I shouldn't even be working there and that made me cry he said that in a cold way. And he went on to say that he would be watching every move I make and that on the three day's I worked he would make sure he would be working on those day's also to keep an eye on me and I became afraid of him.

He has this man named Adam that was watching me when he couldn't. I was trying so hard to find another job because of Tom. One late night I was the only hostess left and the restaurant was closed I went back I to the kitchen and a cook asked me if I wanted a few Bread sticks because they were going to throw them away and I said ok and the cook put some in a couple of little bags for me and Tom walked over and yelled at me and said I couldn't have them I told him I didn't want them that the cook gave them to me and he looked at me straight in my eye's and said take them but this is the last time and he said don't ever let me see you taking them ever again. And after that every time I walked into the kitchen and he was in there he would watch me with his eyes.

And then he came up to me a few times with in the two month's I was working there and said I was having a hard time seating people and I didn't know what I was doing and I was seen sitting people in the wrong places and that is also a big lie I knew all the sections and tables by heart I never did that and that was very hurtful that he would lie about it and when I told him how untrue that was he would get even more verbally abusive and rude and all this was in private with just him and I. And I look back now when I first started working there he called me and a few of the other girls who were new and said I am the father of this Resteraunt and can come talk to me line I'm your father and they were all high school age and just a little older maybe.

I'm a older person and I am in good shape mentally and physically. The only reason I can think of is maybe he wanted younger women working as Hostess.

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Please until you know all of the facts and it has been handled. And I did not know my picture was going to be posted.

to Anonymous #1386115

You put it there! smh


This is an issue that should have been handled internally. Why would someone in their right mind post this complaint and their picture, on a public website??


Hi susan rice am comming to visit you soon


Hi susan it's Christina I no you work there nixt week a com by et there with my friend som time

to Christina #1375361

Hi I miss you I can't call you at work


This is just too much drivel. Condense it, contact Human resources and keep fighting.

Any complaint on a consumer website is not likely to be monitored by Olive Garden. You went about this in the wrong way and now well you're out of a job.


Why don't these people record these conversations of abuse?

to Cj10 #1362294

I wish I could of recorded Tom Campos the general a Manager of Olive Garden in American Fork Utah when ever he bullied me. But he sways came up to when I didn't expect him to.

to Anonymous #1362691

Sorry about the typing he alway's seemed to find me when I was alone.

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