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Went to dinner, Olive Garden Middletown Ohio.Was treated like they've never seen African Americans before.

Sent to the back of restaurant, not acceptable, moved to booth, waited 12-15 minutes, no server. Asked for Mgr. Manager comes and apologizes, promises to make an adjustment to bill. Didn't happen.

Paid for bill, left tip, asked for manager, sat another 15 minutes, no manager.

Waitress asks, "what brings to this area, I said church, she says, oh which one, I tell her, and her disposition was unnecessary, altogether.I will never go to that place again, I want a full refund also.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. dottado_2 is quite happy with food was acceptable and i couldnt enjoy it and stated that there is a room for improvement of serve bad and service. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of olive garden manager and associated monetary loss in the amount of $58. Olive Garden needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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Once again this is not a race issue. You were seated in the back because of your attitude. The other patrons and employees don't want to deal with your attitude.


As a server i can tell u that we are always sat in rotation.Ive been a server for 15 years.

When a table moves it throws off everyone from the host to the cooks. Being black has NOTHING to do with it. Seriously im so sick of hearing this, the world doesnt owe you something b.c. your black so stop pulling the race card.

You dont hear people in wheelchairs saying that if they are put at a tablr they dont like.

My guess is with your disposition you were rude, managers know when your trying to get something for free.Btw if it was so bad why did you stay for dessert?!


It doesn't matter what your personal opinion is.Whoever you are, my family are well abreast how things flow in a restaurant and never took the original seats!

We asked way before being seated. In a family restaurant why would you sit anybody away from the diner, the store opened at 11:30, we were there before a crowd and over 20 waiters were just standing around. If I pay for a service I expect what I paid for and if the manager wouldn't have lied he wouldn't have to come back a second time! I have worked in customer service for over 25 years, I treat all people as people and not by a color!

If they're displeased it's my business to try to correct it! We were ignored and questioned. It's not they're business why I'm in the neighborhood! I'm there because I'm hungry!

Duh!Get you out of here and mind your business.

to Anonymous #1022261

If you want people to mind their own business don't pull the race card for one thing and for another don't post on a forum where everyone can reply back.


Large chain restaurants like OG seat Customers in specific sections based on the rotation of the servers who are working.Obviously it was the server with that area's turn.

So, when you took it upon yourself to relocate because your table wasn't good enough, you became an unknown party at an unassigned (to a server) table. Managers have a TON of work to do up front and back of house and shouldn't be bothered twice just because you feel the urge to be obnoxious.

Basically, your experience was your own doing and because of this you are not entitled to anything other than the advice to either A) Remain where the Host seats you or B) Request a different location before sitting at all so the Host knows which server to notify.Also, The fact that you're an African American is irrelevant and to feel the need to bring it up is in VERY poor taste and, well, quite ignorant.

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