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On a vist to Olive Garden to celebrate a brithday, a server dropped an entire pitcher of ice tea on my two year old. Not only did it scare him to death and make him ill, it runied his shirt, shoes and shorts.

They offered to pay for his meal knowing we did not order a meal for him. The manager came over and tried to make it seem it was the childs fault. The child was sitting in a high chair at the time so that was immpossible.

Never go there and aviod my troubles. Big mistake going there.

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Taylorsville, Kentucky, United States #317279

So two year olds are messy eaters anyway. It will come off.


no mames!next time stay on home


Have you tried Therapy for the child!!!!


Accidents happen. Just chill!


Accidents happen all of the time. Just because the kid was in a high chair doesn't mean they couldn't have been at fault.

Yes, it sucks that it happened. But I am sure it is not worth being *** about it.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #187105

Irish it's called sharing. Children don't eat much at that age so one of the parents or both usually give them a bit of food off their plate.

11millionmiler you dont need to register to join this forum. She is most likely a child herself, if you don't like her comments ignore her. I myself have not seen rude comments from her.

Besides I have heard of parents using children to get free things including a case of a mother who hit her son after seeing a movie demanding they return her money because the movie scared her son and made him cry. Other moviegoers told them he was fine till she hit him to make it look like he was crying because of the movie.


OMG your server had an accident!!! how dare him, it's not like he is human. :?


when they offered to pay for his meal did you tell them you didnt order him one because youre a tightwad and ask if they would pay for yours, and how did this incident make him ill?

do me like Nell and give me a break!


Please search other comments by Irish -- they are all the same, lacking compassion and understanding, getting the facts of the situation wrong -- most of all writing insultingly to the pople involved not dealing with the issue...very curious style, wonder if they work for the corporations indirectly to try to reduce the impact of legitimate concerns voiced by since people -- all Irish responses are the same, attacking the people directly -- in one they even insult someone for having had cancer! Discount everything Irish has to say, they should be banned from this forum -- though they will probably just re-register under another name as it seems they get satisfaction from the senseless comments and attacks they make.

#133721 a former server; I have encountered a similar situation. This happened at a Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse (great place by the way, no longer a server there just love the food) When I went to pick up the finished plates, they were so close to the woman's chest they were practically touching and the silverware was situated so that the slightest gust of wind would make them fall in her lap...and sure enough.

Then almost on cue...the father winked at his 6 year old who began to cry followed by the father asking me if there was anything I could do while his wife conveniently whipped out a stain remover stick from her purse like this happens on the daily. pretty funny now but back then; probably one of the most stressful days of my serving career and all so a family could get a free meal.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #133643

Also what kind of parent keeps their kid hungry while they eat. Feed your kid for crying out loud.

They offered him a free meal probably because they expect the parent actually feeds their child. Honestly is the parent of this chid ten?

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #133641

So accidents happen, honestly one would think you are the two year old. Mommy probably wanted free food over this.

Infact perhaps mommmy tripped the server so the ice tea could fall on her two year old so she can get free food.

Perhaps the child reached for the pitcher and startled the employee. Either way probably parents fault.

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